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Feel safe at Lancaster Hotel

The traditional hospitality of the Lancaster Hotel has not changed!

We have just taken all the necessary measures to host you in total safety, taking advantage of the months of forced closure to reorganize the environments and services of the Lancaster Hotel.

Specific protocols have been studied in line with current regulatory provisions and new specific hygienic-sanitary products have been introduced, in order to guarantee you a peaceful but safe stay.

For the daily cleaning of rooms and common areas we have chosen new products, whose composition is designed to ensure an accurate sanitization of the surfaces.

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Troclosene sodium dihydrate h 80%, Adipic acid 1 - 15%, Sodium bicarbonate h 10%
Phosphoric acid > 5 <= 10%
C10 ethoxylated fatty alcohol >= 3 <= 5%, Diethylene glycol monobutyl ether > 1 <= 5%, Orange terpenes > 0,1 <= 1%
Sulphamic acid > 10 <= 20%
Citric acid > 1 <= 5%, Diethylene glycol monobutyl ether > 1 <= 5%, D-glucopyranose,Oligomers, Decyloctyl glycoside > 1 <= 5%
Bi-butoxyethanol > 1 <= 5%, C10 ethoxylated fatty alcohol > 1 <= 5%, Tetrapotassium pyrophosphate > 0,1 <= 1%, Ethoxylated isotridecanol > 0,1 <= 1%
Bi-butoxyethanol > 10 <= 20%, Sodium sulphate > 0,1 <= 1%
Citric acid > 5 < 10%, Diethylene glycol monobutyl ether > 1 <= 5%


Our staff is ready to welcome you 24 hours a day and to take care of you with a big smile… even if hidden by face masks!

At the Reception Desk you will find:

Staff equipped with suitable individual protection tools
Sanitizing gel dispenser
Protective glass on the reception desk
Thermometers for instantaneous measurement of body temperature
Sanitization of the keys at each drop-off at reception
Sanitizing of luggage before transportation to the room
Mask, gloves and sanitizing gel available to guests who do not have their own


Rooms are equipped with all the comforts and services necessary for any need.

Due to the particular ongoing health situation, we have made some changes and temporarily removed some accessories, which remain available on request.

Attention to the rooms has focused:

Introduction of specific sanitizing products for daily cleaning
Temporary removal of some secondary accessories and daily sanitization of the remaining
Disposable courtesy line, (shampoo, bath shower and so on) which is added a little bottle of sanitizing gel
Staff on the floors equipped with suitable individual protection devices (mask, new gloves at each room change)
Handrails and lift button panel sanitized constantly
Additional sanitation products available to the guest, on request

Bar and patio

You can relax and enjoy a cup of tea or a good glass of wine in our liberty bar or on the outdoor patio of the Lancaster Hotel.

In these spaces you will find:

Staff equipped with suitable individual protection devices
Sanitizing gel dispenser
Single portions for snacks and happy hours
Daily sanitation of common sessions


Our rich continental breakfast is still included for all our guests!

We have kept the layout of the buffet but the products, listed in a special disposable paper menu, will be served at the table by the waiters.

In case you prefer to enjoy your breakfast in your room, the service will be offered with no additional fee.

Safety Faqs

What measures have been taken by the Lancaster Hotel to deal with the current health situation linked to Covid-19?

The Lancaster hotel has adopted suitable protocols in line with current law provisions and has introduced specific hygiene and sanitary products, in order to guarantee its guests a relaxing and safe stay.

Has your hotel taken appropriate measures to maintain a distance of one meter when gathering, for example at breakfast time?

Yes, we have taken all the measures needed to guarantee the distance of at least one meter between guests. In the common areas you will find a special distancing signage and in the breakfast room the tables can be used alternately.

Is public transportation going normally? Is it possible to use them? What about taxis?

Public transportation is fully functional, as are taxis.

In both cases, the respect of the current rules of social distancing is required, and visitors are helped by the appropriate signs present in all public transports.

What can I do if I would like to visit downtown but I prefer not to use the public transportation?

Milan is full of opportunities to move freely without public transport and our Reception Desk it’s at your disposal for giving all the information about it.

You can use, for example, bike rental services (e.g. BikeMi or Mobike), scooter rental or car sharing (e.g. Car2go, Enjoy).

In case you would like to use a taxi, the Reception Desk is in direct contact with the taxi operations center and the wait is usually less than 5 minutes.

Finally, Lancaster Hotel location is excellent for pleasant walks to discover Milan.

The Hotel is only a 20-minute walk from Piazza del Duomo, offering a completely pedestrian walk through the best places in the city.

Is the mask mandatory everywhere?

The actual safety rules (June 2020) provide that the mask must be worn in all public places, both indoors and outdoors, unless you are doing physical activity (in this case, however, you must have it with you). In bars and restaurants, it is not necessary while you are eating what you ordered at the table.

Are Supermarkets, restaurant, parks and museums open?

Milan has slowly returned to normal life… even with little precautions.

Restaurants, parks, museums and shops are open but all of them take the necessary measures to ensure the distance and safety of their visitors.

Milan it’s an alive city that offer its famous vital atmosphere, looking forward to welcoming the many visitors who choose it every year as a tourist or business destination ... even with a mask and a meter away!